EP84: Gamification Revolution - Andrzej Marczewski

November 10, 2015

Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play: Walking Through Gamification with Andrzej Marczewski

Last week, we feature Capgemini solution designer and author, Andrzej Marczewski to discuss his newly released book, “Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play: Gamification, Game Thinking & Motivational Design”. Andrzej’s new book serves as a guide to using gamification as well the theories and concepts on which gamification is built upon.

Watch the full interview below to learn about:

  • What was Andrzej trying to address in his new book that was previously missing in other gamification literature?
  • How does Andrzej vision of user player types differ when compared to Bartle’s version?
  • Is it possible to develop a test to discover each player style and subsequently merge them together?
  • What are some of the barriers one has to overcome in order to get “buy-in” for Enterprise Gamification inside corporate organizations?
  • What are the recent developments for gamification across Europe?
  • How does Andrzej respond to companies who explicitly states they want gamification but in actuality want a game?
  • What is the origin story for naming the book title?

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